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Discovering Christianity is a rare treat from a sound, clear, powerful, engaging, passionate, and seasoned Reformed preacher/teacher, Denis Shelton, who, in God’s kind providence, also happens to be a special friend of mine in Christ with whom I share a mutual love for Reformed and Puritan literature. By the Spirit’s grace, I’m confident that you will benefit greatly from this series of messages, both intellectually and spiritually.” Dr Joel Beeke “In this slender but substantial volume, Davy Ellison makes the case afresh that the five Reformation solas are vital, not just for understanding our sixteenth-century heritage, but for understanding how the Triune God is still at work in the church and world today.” Dr Matthew C. Bingham
Oak Hill College, London
“This volume, reflecting the author’s careful study over many years of the Westminster Assembly, provides an excellent supplement to standard commentaries and other studies on the Confession and Catechisms. I commend it highly.” Dr Richard Gaffin, Jr. Slide

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